Life Science / Technology Services

Bioglobe offers a broad spectrum of services for companies in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors, and for research institutes and research projects. These include molecular genetic diagnostics, pharmacogenetics, support of genetic research projects and molecular biology experiments, and technology consulting.

Services for research and development include

Whole Genome Amplification

Low DNA quantities are often the limiting factor in large stydies with extensive sequence analysis' like large scale SNP genotyping. To use these samples and running these studies in a timely fashion, Bioglobe offers the service of Whole Genome Amplification (WGA). The original DNA sample is preamplified without time-extensive steps like cloning using the well established and commonly accepted method of Phi29 DNA polymerase reaction. This preamplified material is suitable for several hundred more analysis.

SNP Genotyping
MassARRAY® technology: maximum reliability, speed and cost-effectiveness

Bioglobe's medium- and high-throughput SNP genotyping service is performed using Sequenom's MassARRAY system. The MassEXTEND® technology is the simplest and most easily reproducible method for small and medium SNP genotyping projects. Because it offers scope for higher multiplexing, iPLEX® chemistry is used for higher throughput.

SNP discovery and mutation screening by means of hMC® technology

Based on MALDI mass spectrometry, MassCLEAVE® technology is a high-throughput method that allows you to search for SNPs in selected genes.

DNA methylation analysis

Analysing CpG methylation is a core element of epigenetic research. On the basis of the MassARRAY technology, Bioglobe offers you services in the area of methylation analysis.

Custom expression arrays
Ultimate precision, reproducibility and assay flexibility

Bioglobe offers high-precision gene expression analysis based on Sequenom's MassARRAY® technology. The benefits of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry allow the relative and absolute numbers of target molecules to be determined, irrespective of the number of PCR cycles.

DNA sequencing

Our DNA sequencing service guarantees fast and reliable results with long reading ranges and high accuracy.

MLPA analyses

Multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification (MLPA) is a method of presenting copy number variations (CNV) of up to 50 target sequences in a single reaction. The amplified products are analysed by means of electrophoresis. Because only one primer pair is used to amplify all PCR products, the fragment analysis is robust and highly reproducible. The fragments are compared quantitatively with a control sample in order to identify any changes in the copy number of the target sequence. MLPA can also be used for quantitative methylation analysis.

Pharmacogenetics and detoxification
Avoiding adverse effects of pharmaceuticals – support of pharmaceutical development

Genetic research has revealed the basic principles of the high level of individual variability in terms of the effects and metabolism of foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and environmental toxins in the human body.