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Who we are

Bioglobe GmbH was created in 2001 as a spin-off from a private research institution of international renown, the IHF-Institut für Hormon- und Fortpflanzungsforschung (or IHF Institute of Hormone and Reproduction Research).

We provide services in all areas of molecular genetics. We specialize particularly in medical genetics, disposition genetics and services for academic research institutions and industry. Over the past few years, we have been able to win over numerous clients with the high quality and reliability of our services.

Our multifaceted and highly qualified team allows us to support research and development projects from the planning, application and implementation phases right through to publication of results.

Ever since our foundation, we have also been continuously involved in publicly funded research and development projects. Among other things, these projects have concerned the development of new methods in molecular diagnostics, the discovery and research of biomarkers and the use of genetic knowledge to promote public health.

Our laboratory boasts cutting edge equipment for molecular genetic testing and a highly efficient laboratory DP system. This allows us to guarantee precise analysis in line with the latest scientific knowledge and secure processing and transmission of sensitive data.

The technical equipment of Bioglobe comprises

  • MegaBACE 1000 DNA-Analyzer, 96-capillary electrophoresis instrument for all sequencing service and fragment analysis projects. To enable high throughput performance, an integrated auto-sampler and sample plate stacker allows 24hrs operation.

  • For robust high throughput SNP genotyping and for SNP-discovery Bioglobe utilizes the powerful technology of Sequenom's MassARRAY system. For SNP analysis the MassEXTEND- or iPLEX-chemistry is applied depending on the dimension of the project. SNP-discovery and diagnostic re-sequencing as well as DNA-methylation analysis is performed with highest accuracy using the MassCLEAVE technology, for which Bioglobe has developed own assays and proprietary software tools.

  • Applied Biosystems 7000 Real-Time PCR System is available for low and moderate throughput genotyping and for quantitative Real Time PCR.

  • For automation of processes Bioglobe employs liquid-handling systems: Biomek NXP-Span8 (Beckman-Coulter), Multimek (Beckman-Coulter).

  • Luminex technology is an open-architecture based on beads that is ideally suited to a wide range of diagnostic applications, basic research and drug-discovery. It can be used for both, DNA and protein analysis. The technology is directly available to Bioglobe through Vaccine, a small Biotech company located at the same venue as Bioglobe.

  • For the organisation, documentation and analysis of genomic sequence information, Bioglobe uses different software tools: Sequencher (GeneCodes), DNA-Workbench (CLC-Bio), GeneMarker ( Softgenetics), MassARRAY's Typer, Epi-Typer, SNP-Discovery-Analyzer (Sequenom)

  • Bioglobe's central computing unit is daily secured to prevent loss of data.

Bioglobe participates in external Quality Schemes organised by the European Molecular Quality Network ( to ensure best practice of genetic testing and DNA-sequencing service.