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Pharmacogenetics and detoxification

Avoiding adverse effects of pharmaceuticals – support of pharmaceutical development

Genetic research has revealed the basic principles of the high level of individual variability in terms of the effects and metabolism of foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and environmental toxins in the human body.

In the United States only, it is estimated that more than 100,000 deaths occur each year due to the side effects of frequently prescribed medications. A recently published Norwegian study indicates that the same figures also apply in Europe.

Bioglobe's pharmacogenetic-service analyses the genes involved in phase I and phase II of the detoxification and drug metabolizing pathways. This opens the doors to personalised medicine, enabling physicians to prescribe more efficient and less harmful treatments.

As for the development of new therapeutic molecules, pharmacogenetic enables us to better understand the side-effects generated by new medications and allows for a reduction in costs related to clinical trials.

Bioglobe offers genetic tests for individual patients, for whom administration of a certain drug leads to overshooting reactions or adverse side effects or in whom no drug effect occurs when a standard dose is applied.

Bioglobe offers for pharmaceutical and biotech companies a comprehensive genotyping service for the most important genetic variations in phase I and II drug metabolizing enzymes.

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