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Custom expression arrays

Ultimate precision, reproducibility and assay flexibility

Bioglobe offers high-precision gene expression analysis based on Sequenom's MassARRAY® technology. The benefits of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry allow the relative and absolute numbers of target molecules to be determined, irrespective of the number of PCR cycles.

The precision, accuracy, and throughput of MassARRAY-based gene expression is available at a cost that is competitive with traditional expression analysis methods.

The advantages are

  • Quantification independent of the number of PCR cycles
  • Shown to be precise to within 3 percent - high accuracy with reproducibility
  • Six orders of dynamic range, with linearity over a 100-fold concentration range
  • Both absolute and relative gene expression quantification
  • Quantitative measurement of gene expression differences between two alleles of the same gene
  • Quantitative measurement of mRNA alternative splicing variants
  • Label-free oligonucleotides
  • Multiplexed analysis possible
  • High assay design flexibility
  • Scalable throughput based on the established MassARRAY platform.